Is there Design in Rio?

Posted by Angela Carvalho on 3/16/2017 to NEWS

Is there Design in Rio de Janeiro?

Known for its natural beauty, for the Samba, Bossa Nova e for its cultural sophistication, Rio also boasts the title of South America Design Capital, being the city where Brazilian Design was born.

In 1962, Rio embraced the creation of the first Design School in South America – ESDI- Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial (Industrial Design College), right in the middle of its historical center, called Lapa. In this environment of vanguard and experimentation was molded the first generation of Brazilian Designers, a group of pioneers that got international acknowledgment for their work.

Today, Rio has many Design Schools, and Design Studios with designers from all over the country, attracted by the city’s cosmopolitan mind set.

The “carioca” (person who lives in Rio de Janeiro)  lifestyle and its easy going behavior create the perfect conditions for the blooming of Fashion and Accessories Design.

Light and Sun bath the city during most of the year, letting colors and textures being used on attractive and unthinkable combinations, that express the happiness of the Brazilian Way of Life.

When selecting designers for the first collection brought by Rio Design to the European Market, I searched uniqueness and strength that could guarantee the Collection’s exclusivity and innovation.

Rubber, Seeds and Brazilian Gems create a unique repertoire of materials that match the unusual colors and patterns, a mirror to the humor that you can find waved in Brazilian Designers production. Items are handmade in small series with craft techniques, many of them typical of Brazilian Handcraft Art.

Each item tells a story, let you know a little about Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, this city that insists in stay wonderful!!!