Different Cultures, Different Materials, Different Styles, but two things always in common: Innovative  Design and Outstanding Quality.
This is what you will find when you browse Rio Design Accessories pages. 
We bring to Europe what overseas cultures can best do with their creativity, craftsmanship, and materials. These are not craft-fair items. They have been designed and hand manufactured by renowned designers and their teams and are in tune with international fashion tendencies, to be used and enjoyed with by the modern, world-conscious and international woman.

Let us introduce our designers:


Marília Capisani Jewels of Nature has in its collections a contemporary vision of luxury. 

The use natural materials, such as stones, leather, pearls, and wood to make fashion accessories that connect with nature through textures, design, and sustainability. 

Metal parts are molded after natural textures from wood, leaves, and stones. Recycled rubber and paper are in her creations as a statement of a compromise with Planet Earth. 

In the combination of these elements comes a unique and casual jewelry. To deal with senses and emotions is our aim. Marília Capisani's jewelry matches with casual and stylish women.

Gustavo Gonçalves has been living and breathing frames since a kid! He was born in a family of opticians, and inherit his 40-year traditional Optic Shop, in Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro, from his father. In the business himself for 20 years, Gustavo has always been avid for innovation and style.

Always up to date with the international market and tendencies, constantly visiting International Shows, He supplies prescription and sunglasses for everybody that is IN in Rio.

All this experience and knowledge encouraged him to create his own product line, to fulfill a gap in the market for fun, stylish and high-quality glass frames.

GUSTAVO frames are handmade one by one, with high-quality standards that guarantee durability and style. All frames are suitable for sunglasses and prescription glasses, but they are not the kind of frames that you will find in a traditional Optician Store!

Gustavo combines the attractive colors from Rio de Janeiro's Fashion with more traditional Glasses colors and textures and creates pieces that are real Fashion Statements. 


RIO DESIGN is a Jewelry and Accessories Colelction specially curated by Rio Design among very special designers and manufacturers that are identified by their combination 
of design, quality and innovation.

Ou Gemstones Collection allies the beauty of Brazilian Gemstones with Technology and Superior Design do create Jewelry that are appreciated all over the world. Each piece has its own independent soul that is represented by a gemstone lapidated and polished to show its best.


Each model presented in our catalog can be ordered in Gold our Rhodium  finishes, with any of the many Brazilian Gemstones available.