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Our Story

The essence and elegance of nature.

Rio Design, a name inspired by one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Rio de Janeiro, a place that is naturally gifted by nature.

More than being crazy about fashion, we are passionate about design, and one of the unique things about design is that it's timeless. Timeless pieces that are not only an accessory, but in fact have the power to help you express the moment you are living through color, shape and texture.

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Tip of the Week

As the creator and curator of Rio Design, I love all the pieces we have. But it's true that at certain moments, for some reason, a piece connects stronger to you than others. It may not be your favorite or the best you have, but it's the one that speaks to you and reflects your moment.

Below is my something that reflects my mood this week. Does it connects to you as well?